Audition Policies - All your Questions & Answers

Q: Who needs to complete this audition/registration form?  

A: EVERYONE & ANYONE who is wishing to participating NU Choirs. YES, this includes all returning members, and including those who have signed up through MyNEU (The choral Society maintains a list of membership so your leaders can communicate with you).  


Q: Do I need to register for Choir as a class on MyNEU?  

A: YES. It is a FREE one (1) credit, and this is now a requirement of the university (due to restrictions related to Covid-19). You need to register through MyNEU before completing this audition/registration form.   

If you’re unsure how to register CHORUS as a class, please go to MyNEU and look for MUSC1904 or MUSC1915-004


Q: Who needs to audition? 

A: All new students joining NU Chorus (MUSC 1904) and Small Chamber Ensemble MOSAIC (MUSC 1915-004) for the first time, AND anyone wishing to join Chamber Singers (all past chamber singers members and choral scholarship recipients need to audition for Chamber Singers). Please read the 2-part audition process below.  

Returning singers, in auditioning for Chamber Singers, do NOT sing the same piece you sang at your last NU choir audition (yes, your song choice was noted at your last audition).  


Q:What to sing for my audition?  

A: Sing a song that best represents your choral/solo singing voice, therefore art/folk song genres are recommended. Please do not sing a contemporary chart (that is, avoid jazz/theatre/pop charts). Returning singers: do NOT sing the same piece you sang at your last NU choir audition.  

Q:  The audition process:  

A: The entire audition process will be complete online (zoom), avoiding any close proximity singing. There are two (2) parts to your audition.  

  • Part 1: record a solo song (see next question) and submit this along with your audition/registration form 

  • Part 2: musicianship live audition (via Zoom) with Dr. Chan. In your audition/registration form, you will be able to select your live audition time. There are 6 days of auditions, catering to different move-in times/dates.  

    • 2020: December 15 (Tu) 

    • 2021:  January 11 (M), January 12 (Tu), January 13 (W), January 18 (M), January 19 (T) and January  22 (fr)


Q: How to set up Zoom for best audio quality?  

A: Open the Zoom meeting that you have already scheduled with Dr. Chan. When you enter the meeting, use the computer audio and video option. Go into your settings, and under audio, enable the option to use original sound. Return to the meeting. You will now see an option to enable unfiltered sound in the meeting. Enable this, and sing! 


If you have any other questions, please reach out to Dr. Chan ( via email. 


Ready to audition?  Complete the registration & audition form now. We are excited to be making music together again, even if it’s in small groups for now.